From the recording Mend (Live from Manifest Music)

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Mend (Live from Manifest Music)

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Written and performed by Amber Lily
Engineered by Adam Berg
Produced by Dustin Thomas


Coercion always leads to subversion
Every empire must end
Must we lose another movement
due to fear of the truth and
leaders who will break before they'll bend?

Or will we mend?
Will we mend
what is broken

People are hurting, seems the greedy aren't learning
To love is the greatest gift.
What will it take to really convince you
to let go and let love in?
Cuz I believe in the goodness of man,
But some seem so wicked.
Are they born like this,
or is it the world we live in?
Will we ever let go of the devil's hand?

Will we mend
Will we mend?
Come and mend
What is broken